Yorkshire Data Centre

South Yorkshire, UK
For Private Clients

The existing Data Centre building, purpose built in the late 1970’s, was considered out-dated due to a marked tightening of standards in environmental performance and sustainability. In addition, it was necessary to upgrade the facility’s infrastructure to support anticipated growth, based on projected demand loads for data processing. Sufficient physical area was identified within the existing building to provide the required Data Hall space up to 2030.

The project entailed converting the existing office space at First Floor level to provide 896 square metres additional Data Hall space. Included in this project was the construction of a blast resilient internal lining to the entire area.

To continue to meet anticipated demand the existing data processing spaces are to be upgraded on a phased basis over several years.

Registered in England no. 2683337 at 3rd Floor North
The Forum, 74-80 Camden Street, London NW1 0EG