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Vantage Point

Digby Road, Homerton, London, UK
For Network Housing Group

Vantage Point in Homerton, East London is a new build residential development of 97 affordable residential units, comprising a mixture of tenure in social rented, intermediate and shared ownership, 10% of which are for disabled use.

The apartment complex, with its unique skyline silhouette, is set around a courtyard and embraces a range of features, including rooftop walkways, green roofs and a rooftop play area. The development consists of 97 apartments.

The layout and character of each apartment is distinctive due to the complex geometry of the building with many balconies having panoramic views, including the Olympic site.

The scheme takes its form from the triangle shaped site. The accommodation is located on the two northern edges of the triangles, allowing the building to open up to the south. It rises from five storeys opposite the local school to a fourteen storey tower next to Homerton Overground Station.

Environmentally friendly features include an energy efficient central biomass boiler and heating system as well as one of the tallest and largest living ‘Green Walls’ in Europe, set at an angle of 87 degrees.

Registered in England no. 2683337 at 3rd Floor North
The Forum, 74-80 Camden Street, London NW1 0EG