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Premier Inn Aldgate

City of London, UK
For H&J Martin of Belfast

The new Premier Inn Aldgate is a 250 bedroomed hotel forming part of the Goodman’s Fields development. The hotel is accessed from Alie Street and forms one half of the North West Block that is completed with 182 flats, a leisure club and ground floor retail areas.

The hotel contains a range of rooms, from premier suites located on the building’s corners with extensive floor to ceiling glazing and spectacular views from the upper levels, to regular bedrooms with roll away mattresses allowing use as a spacious double room or as a family room for 4 persons. The rooms are acoustically insulated to high standards and air-conditioned to limit external noise from nearby Leman Street.

Heating and hot water are supplied from energy efficient central plant that serves the whole development, which is traffic free to allow for landscaping and sculptural features. All servicing for the hotel is consequently via the basement including deliveries of linen, restaurant and bar supplies together with refuse removal and plant servicing. Twin coach parking bays are provided in the basement for group arrivals, together with a basement reception lobby. Cycle parking is provided for both guests and staff.

Registered in England no. 2683337 at 3rd Floor North
The Forum, 74-80 Camden Street, London NW1 0EG