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Open Market

Francis Street, Brighton, UK
For Denne Construction Ltd

The Open Market in Brighton was established in the locality after WW1 and provided the returning service men the opportunity of selling home-grown produce to the local community. Originally set up in the cobbled front gardens of workers cottages, the site has undergone several redevelopments to accommodate the evolving facilities.

The current redevelopment represents the culmination of many years of complicated negotiations between the various stakeholders and provides 44 permanent market stalls and 12 workshops accessed via a large covered piazza for visiting crafts and farmers markets. Critical to the viability of the scheme was the provision of 87 shared ownership flats for Hyde Martlet.

The project recreates historic street patterns and contributes to the City Council’s strategic plan for the regeneration of the area, linking public open space to the east with pedestrian routes to the railway station to the west.

Registered in England no. 2683337 at 3rd Floor North
The Forum, 74-80 Camden Street, London NW1 0EG