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HSBC Paterson Street

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
For HSBC Corporate Real Estate Asia Pacific

Located in a busy shopping area, the new branch integrates a first floor Premier Banking suite with a complete remodelling of the ground floor retail bank, opening up views to the external public spaces.

The project involved the acquisition of new first floor accommodation, which became the new Premier Centre, with access created by a new feature stair and lift from within the existing branch and also directly from the first floor of the Shopping Centre.

Working with EC Harris delivery team and HSBC Group Design, the existing branch was completely remodelled with new external lighting and signage. There were a number of challenges with the integration of the banking facilities and new concept work within an existing shopping centre, with stringent landlord requirements and long-term tenants! existing access rights.

Registered in England no. 2683337 at 3rd Floor North
The Forum, 74-80 Camden Street, London NW1 0EG